Spring, warm weather, green, growing, flowers, grass, what’s not to love about June! Flag Day and Father’s Day, Shavuot and Ramadan, and the Summer Solstice; more holidays, traditions, and events!

Celebrate Father’s Day, June 19th, with crafts for the kids Father’s Day Crafts and Father’s Day Crafts Dad would love to read the fun ad lib pages, or a father’s day coupon book.

Flag day, often forgotten on June 14th, is another holiday to be celebrated and a chance to join in patriotic merriment, especially since it’s an election year! (State Caucus is June 7th, and the State Primary Election is June 14th) Activity ideas for kids can be found at sites like: http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2013/06/flag-day-activity-for-kids.html and crafts ideas are available at http://www.childfun.com/holidays/summer/flag-day Fun for all!

Vacation time starts, graduations are wrapping up, and s’mores and fire pit seasons begin! I love the Summer Solstice; it’s both a nice day, and a sad one. That day is the longest day of the year as well as the shortest night. That also means the days start getting shorter again, alas, sad.

We wish everyone a lovely and fun filled June!

inkI often hear that customers can’t believe their ink or toner cartridge is empty.  Yet, when I check them, they are in fact empty. I know the perception is that cartridges don’t last as long as they should.  That is because of the page count on the box! These numbers really don’t mean much to the average user and don’t reflect the reality based on what people normally print.

The reality is that all page yields are based on 5% coverage of ink or toner.  This is a mandate from Organization for Standardization (ISO). Most people regularly print more than the 5% average.

5% represents a small invoice or memo and not a full page of larger text with logos and other print. For example this newsletter will end up representing more like 20% coverage if it was printed out.

So your actual page yield will most likely be less than the advertised yield, no matter where you buy the cartridge-as everyone’s yields are all based on only 5% coverage- everyone has to place the same amount of ink or toner in cartridges.  Starter cartridges that come with new printers often have half or less toner or ink in them than a normal cartridge.  In fact, we fill some ink cartridges with more ink than the originals had in them.

 Over the years, I have performed enough R&D to find these facts to be true on several of the same cartridges from different vendors, including our own remanufactured products, against the OEM (name brand cartridge).  Using our remanufactured cartridges will make sure that all you do is save lots of money with products from Rapid Refill Ink! 

Happy printing until next month.

With the coming of warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about what we can leave in our vehicles and what we can’t due to heat. Spare tires should always be left in, or on, your car. Children, dogs, ice cream, and ink cartridges should not be. With higher temperatures ink it will thin and leak out of the print head and cause a very messy situation. We would like to remind everyone to avoid such catastrophes, and not leave cartridges, old or new, in a hot vehicle. Thank you!